Sunday Workshops

To provide a platform for discussion on topics for which a consensus is still lacking, WWTmod2016 offers several full-day workshops on Sunday 3 April.

The WWTmod procedure for selecting the workshops can be found here (download procedure).

The workshops that will take place are announced in the final programme

The topics that have been selected are (click on titles to view full details):

  1. 1. Mind the gap - Overcoming data issues in process modelling
    Adrienne Menniti and Kris Villez
  2. 2. Modelling industrial wastewater treatment processes with the IWA activated sludge models: What works, what doesn't, and what's missing?
    Spencer Snowling and Janet Goodfellow
  3. 3. Physicochemical modeling of phosphorus removal and recovery from wastewater
    Dominique Claveau-Mallet
  4. 4. Where to direct modeling efforts for a faster road towards resource recovery?
    Cha´m De Mulder and Mark Miller
  5. 5. Process control strategies for dynamic efficiency modeling: From unit to whole-plant
    Pusker Regmi and Lluis Corominas

Saturday Workshop

The seminar is preceded by a YWP workshop (organized and attended by YWPs) on Saturday April 2. Click here to download the schedule.


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