Organizing Committee Scientific Committee
Young Water Professional Committee
Supporting Organizations

Organizing Committee
Ahlem Filali
Jean-Marc Choubert
Ahmed Al-Omari
Christophe Amiel
Wim Audenaert
Guillermo Baquerizo
Yolaine Bessière
Pierre Buffière
Sherri Cook
Tony Flameling
Marjolaine Hamelin
Marc-André Labelle
Julien Laurent
Yongmei Li
Samuel Martin
Carine Morin-Batut
Enrico Remigi
Vincent Rocher
Frank Rogalla
Irstea, France (chair OC)
Irstea, France (chair OC)
DCWater, USA
Veolia, France
Ghent University, Belgium
Irstea, France
INSA Toulouse, France
INSA Lyon, France
University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Waterschap De Dommel, the Netherlands
INRA LBE, France
École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
ENGEES, France
Tongji University, China
Suez Environnement, France
ASTEE, France
DHI, Belgium
SIAAP, France
Aqualia, Spain

Scientific Committee
To foster the IWA young water professionals and to introduce them to the work of scientific committees, the WWTmod2016 committee is once again a mix of senior members and young and promising water professionals. The YWPs will be selected through a call on the LinkedIn page.
Evangelina Belia: Canada (chair) Bruce R. Johnson: USA
Sylvie Gillot: France (chair) Yongmei Li: China
Yves Comeau: Canada (incoming chair) Cristina Martin: Spain
Mathieu Spérandio: France (incoming chair) Eberhard Morgenroth: Switzerland
Joshua P. Boltz: USA (past chair) Sudhir Murthy: USA
Ingmar Nopens: Belgium (past chair) Heather Phillips: USA
Magnus Arnell: Sweden Leiv Rieger: Canada
Damien Batstone: Australia Andrew R. Shaw: USA
Charles Bott: USA Kim H. Soerensen: Austria
Ken Brischke: USA Jean-Philipe Steyer: France
Joaquim Comas: Spain Imre Takács: France
Paloma Grau: Spain Peter Vanrolleghem: Canada
Guclu Insel: Turkey Eveline Volcke: Belgium
Ulf Jeppsson: Sweden Stefan Weijers: The Netherlands
Jose Jimenez: USA  

Young Water Professional Committee
Every Young Water Professional (YWP) has been nominated by a member of the SC to be connected to him/her within the program committee. A special committee of YWP will organize a pre-seminar workshop to network and discuss YWP related issues. All YWPs that were selected for the SC are listed below. Detailed information on how YWPs are involved can be found here.
Yanchen Liu: China Gamze Kirim: Turkey
Sherri Cook: USA Kimberly Solon: Sweden
Andreia Amaral: Belgium Pusker Regmi: USA
Wim Audenaert: Belgium Stijn Van Hoey: Belgium
Yuxin Wang: USA Laura Snip: The Netherlands
Ramesh Saagi: Sweden Jeremy Guest: USA
Angel Robles: Spain Julien Laurent: France
Haydee De Clippeleir: USA Jakub Drewnowski: Poland
Sovanna Tik: Canada Alandra Kahl: USA
Tanush Wadhawan: France Julie Jimenez: France
Zerihun Bekele: USA Alma Masic: Switzerland
Nick Landes: USA Tamara Fernández: Spain
Giacomo Bellandi: Italy Ana Barbara Bisinella de Faria: France
Javier Climent: Spain Izaro Lizarralde: Spain
Dominique Claveau-Mallet: Canada Helene Hauduc: France
Heather Stewart: USA  

Supporting Organizations
Leading Specialist Group supporting the event
  • Modelling and Integrated Assessment (MIA, chair: I. Nopens)
Other IWA and WEF Groups supporting the event
  • Specialist Group on Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA, chair: E. Volcke)
  • Specialist Group on Nutrient Removal and Recovery (NRR, chair: S. Murthy)
  • Specialist Group on Anaerobic Digestion (AD, chair: D. Batstone)
  • Specialist Group on Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering (MEWE, chair: T. Curtis)
  • Specialist Group on Biofilms (chair: E. Morgenroth)
  • Specialist Group on Assesment and control of Hazardous Substances in Water (ACHSW, chair M. Furhacker)
  • Task Group on Benchmarking of Control Strategies for Wastewater Treatment Plants (BSM, chair: U. Jeppsson)
  • Task Group on Good Modelling Practice – Guidelines for Use of Activated Sludge Models (GMP, chair L. Rieger)
  • Task Group on Design and Operations Uncertainty (DOUT, chair E. Belia)
  • Task Group on the Use of Water Quality and Process Models for Minimizing Wastewater Utility Greenhouse gas Footprints (GHG, chair: J. Porro)
  • Working Group on Modelling of Integrated Urban Water Systems (MIUWS, chair: L. Benedetti)
  • Modelling Expert Group of the Americas (MEGA, chair: P. Vanrolleghem)
Local Professional Associations
  • ASTEE, French Branch of IWA, France (website)

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